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Media Places

[PROJECT PORTFOLIO] Media Places is a research project at MEDEA that is about going beyond the anywhere-anytime ideal of mobile and digital media, this in order to produce new knowledge on practices of mediated communication in public and semi-public spaces and on ways to transform it through place-specific media services.

Jalla upp på scen (2009)

Jalla upp på scen (JUPS) is an annual talent show, hosted by the grassroots organization RGRA. The main objective of JUPS is to facilitate meetings between young people (aged 13-20) from every part of Malmö. The notion is that such meetings will help build a common understanding and reduce prejudice.

In 2009, the Malmö Collaborative Cross-Media project was involved in the event. We have been trying to find anwers to, for instance, how a hip hop community can engage more regularly in street journalism across multiple media channels, how important a central media platform is and what effects such media production will have on the visibility of the organization.