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Mediated Body: Designing for embodied experience

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Høbye, M. (2012). Mediated Body: Designing for embodied experience. ACM Computers in Entertainment Video Article,, accessed May 7, 2012.

ABOUT – This video article, published in the Video Journal section of ACM’s Computers in Entertainment (read more about the Video Journal), discusses the experiential qualities of the Mediated Body concept developed by PhD student Mads Høbye.

The making of a maker-space for open innovation, knowledge sharing, and peer-to-peer learning

Open Access: PDF scroll to page 293

Nilsson, Elisabet M. 2011. The making of a maker-space for open innovation, knowledge sharing, and peer-to-peer learning. In Sonvilla-Weiss, S. & Owen, K. (Eds.) Future Learning Spaces: Designs on ELearning Conference Proceedings, pp 293-298, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland.

ABSTRACT – This short paper presents the initial steps in the establishment of Fabriken (the Factory) which is an open maker-space, and lab space for creating and experimenting with technologies. The space also provides a platform for peer-to-peer learning, and networked learning that goes on beyond the physical walls of the lab space.

Building Fabriken: Design for Socially Shaped Innovation

[PUBLICATION] In exploring how design could support socially shaped innovation, the paper discusses the experience of designing Fabriken, a socially shaped infrastructure for socially shaped innovation. This article is to be presented by PhD student Anna Seravalli at the Design Research Society International Conference Bangkok, 2012.

Mobile social choreographies: Choreographic insight as a basis for artistic research into mobile technologies

[PUBLICATION] Creative use of networked wireless communications devices contributes to a vibrant strand of media art called locative media. Now it is time for dancers and choreographers to contribute to the critical and creative activity around corporeality, expression and mobile technologies in social contexts.

Designing Collaborative Media: A Challenge for CHI?

[PUBLICATION] Collaborative media refers to digital media where people outside the traditional media industries participate in production as well as infrastructural design. Article by Löwgren and Reimer to be presented at the CHI 2012 conference in Austin.

What is the Object of Design?

[PUBLICATION] In this paper we reflect upon design at a conceptual level, discussing how creativity can be coupled with participation and experience and looking for the experiential grounds of our understanding of the very nature of design. Article by Ehn and Linde et al to be presented at the CHI 2012 conference in Austin.

Mediating Memory: Strategies of interaction in public art and memorials

[PUBLICATION] The article addresses how a selection of participatory art and memorial projects have engaged with public memory and interaction. The intention has to been to explore the tension between the artists’ strategies – and the actual life span and use of the art works by its audiences. By E. Björgvinsson and A. Høg Hansen, published in The Journal of Arts & Communities.

Touching a Stranger: Designing for Engaging Experience in Embodied Interaction

Open Access:

Høbye, M., & Löwgren, J. (2011). Touching a stranger: Designing for engaging experience in embodied interaction. International Journal of Design, 5(3), 31-48.

ABSTRACT – We present Mediated Body, an exploration into designing for engaging experience in embodied interaction. Mediated Body entails a Suit worn by a Performer engaging in social play with a Participant. The Performer and the Participant each wear a pair of headphones, and when they touch each other’s bare skin, they both hear a complex sound pattern. Our approach, which we call research-through-explorative-design, is a combination of experimental design in the lab and explorative design in the field, where qualitative assessments are used to elicit transferable knowledge contributions. This paper represents a case study of this somewhat innovative research approach in action.