Emues: Crowdsourcing concerts

[PROJECT PORTFOLIO] A platform to mediate collaboration between fans, venues and artists. The key idea is for fans to express interest in certain concerts based on artist and venue availability, to pledge intention to pay, and to engage other fans to join.

My News and Sports My Way (2005-07)

Based on the experience from Future News Media and other projects, Malmö University researchers joined an international consortium of fifteen high-ranking academic and industrial partners to look closer into future directions in media production.

Malmö University focused on the production and consumption of news and sports, and developed a suite of production tools to deliver shapeshifting material: News and sports that each viewer can customize by setting the length of a news show, explore interesting themes in depth and look for related news material in wide-ranging media archives.

Substrate: Where Knowledge Grows

[PROJECT PORTFOLIO] The technical information industry is more or less trapped in a traditional media structure, with technical writers and information architects producing static material that users are expected to consume. MEDEA is working with leading information-logistics company Sigma Kudos in reinventing the media structures of technical information.