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Building knowledge around collaborative media design: an interview with Jonas Löwgren

The academic journal Designs for Learning recently published an interview with Medea’s Jonas Löwgren. In the article they discuss the emerging field of collaborative media, the highly cited book Thoughtful Interaction Design and concepts such as experiential qualities, pliability and interactive visualizations. It’s a good read for anyone interested in the challenges lying ahead for interaction design as a discipline.

Read the full interview in Designs for Learning (pdf).

Designing Collaborative Media: A Challenge for CHI?

[PUBLICATION] Collaborative media refers to digital media where people outside the traditional media industries participate in production as well as infrastructural design. Article by Löwgren and Reimer to be presented at the CHI 2012 conference in Austin.

Nonlinear News Production and Consumption: A Collaborative Approach

Open Access:

Lindstedt, Inger; Löwgren, Jonas; Reimer, Bo and Topgaard, Richard (2009). Nonlinear News Production and Consumption: A Collaborative Approach, ACM Computers in Entertainment 7(3).

ABSTRACT – People depend on news to make sense of happenings in the world, but current digital news products do not live up to their potential in this regard. Interactivity in relation to news is often seen as a way to give the consumer control over when to consume something and on which platform. Less attention has been placed on what should be consumed and how.

New Media Open-Access Academic Journals

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post on open-access academic journals, highlighting academic journals and articles that are freely available on the web. In this follow-up post I will give you a more comprehensive list of open-access academic journals that deal with “new media” issues.