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Matryoshka dolls and boundary infrastructuring: navigating among innovation policies and practices

Matryoshka Doll Copyright Flickr user Nicola since 1972 CC:BY

In several present discourses and practices that are involved in innovation and development projects, it seems like there is a strong emphasis on management and planning with agreements and clear goals as the crucial components. In this paper we propose another approach that more acknowledge the complexity and messiness of innovation. We will discuss how we, through Malmö Living Labs, have navigated across an ecology of ongoing projects and innovation policies that we try to merge into something coherent and meaningful in multiple ways.

Participatory Design and ‘Democratizing Innovation’

[PUBLICATION] Participatory design has become increasingly engaged in public spheres and everyday life and is no longer solely concerned with the workplace. This is not only a shift from work oriented productive activities to leisure and pleasurable engagements, but also