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Designing for Homo Explorens: 90-percent PhD seminar

Welcome to the 90-percent seminar of interaction design PhD student Mads Høbye whose work deals with the concept of Designing for Homo Explorens. The seminar takes place in the Medea studio on Thursday, August 22.

Date and time: Thursday, Aug 22, 13-16
Location: Medea, Ö. Varvsgatan 11 A.
Opponent: professor Kia Höök, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Designing social play through interpersonal touch: an annotated portfolio

Open Access:

Hobye, Mads, and Jonas Löwgren & Nicolas Padfield. 2013. “Designing social play through interpersonal touch: an annotated portfolio”. Paper presented at the Nordic Design Research Conference, Copenhagen/Malmö, June 9-12.

ABSTRACT – We present five design cases as an annotated portfolio, exploring ways to design for intimate, interpersonal touch and social intimacy in interaction design. Five key qualities are elicited from the cases, including novel connotations sparking curiosity; providing an excuse to interact; unfolding internal complexity; social ambiguity; norm-bending intimacy. The work highlights novel interaction design approaches fostering social play, turning participants into performers of their own narratives.

Mobile Haptic Technology Development Through Artistic Exploration

[PUBLICATION] This HAID 2012 paper investigates how artistic explorations can be useful for the development of mobile haptic technology. It presents an alternative framework of design for wearable haptics that contributes to the building of haptic communities outside specialized research contexts. By Cuartielles et al.

Phantom Physicalizations: Machines that make dreams physical

VINCENT OLISLAGERS just graduated from the Interaction Design Masters Programme at K3, Malmö University. His thesis Phantom Physicalizations, Reinterpreting Dreams Through Physical Representation investigates how dreams can inspire waking life and design and explores how we can value them in new ways using digital tools through two prototypes that make dreams physical.

Playspot: Playgrounds Linking Cities Together

This playground in Odense is an interactive dreamspace. It is linked to similar places in Esbjerg and Vejle, and you create patterns of light and sound together with children and adults in the other cities. Playspot is designed to be a dynamic and explorative play area across the three cities. Medea’s Mads Hobye is one of the developers.

Mediated Body: Designing for embodied experience

View the full video article.

Høbye, M. (2012). Mediated Body: Designing for embodied experience. ACM Computers in Entertainment Video Article,, accessed May 7, 2012.

ABOUT – This video article, published in the Video Journal section of ACM’s Computers in Entertainment (read more about the Video Journal), discusses the experiential qualities of the Mediated Body concept developed by PhD student Mads Høbye.