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Questions of Commons and Inclusion – conference report

A commons represents a model of social ownership and management. It is a way of owning and managing resources that is neither public nor private, but rather is based on the direct involvement of people in owning and managing a specific resource. Medea’s PhD candidate Anna Seravalli reports from the Economics and the Commons conference in Berlin.

Prototyping for opening production: from designing for to designing in the making together

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Seravalli, Anna. 2013. Prototyping for opening production: from designing for to designing in the making together. Presented at Crafting the Future, 10th European Academy of Design Conference, April 17-19, 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden.

ABSTRACT – Open and collaborative processes are assuming a growing role in the generation of goods and services. There is an increasing number of examples where production processes are opened, relationships between producers and final users become blurred and where making together represents a central strategy in generating value.

Design is increasingly involved in supporting opening production, both in terms of developing technical infrastructures and in facilitating and nourishing processes of making together trying to understand how design can boost collaboration and openness in diverse fields.

Drawing Things Together

[PUBLICATION] The design challenge to “draw things together” was put forward by philosopher Bruno Latour in 2008. There are three related words in the challenge: drawing, things, and together. We find this challenge utterly relevant to contemporary design practice and design thinking, and have collectively for a decade reflected upon how to respond to such a challenge. This article summarizes it.

What is the Object of Design?

[PUBLICATION] In this paper we reflect upon design at a conceptual level, discussing how creativity can be coupled with participation and experience and looking for the experiential grounds of our understanding of the very nature of design. Article by Ehn and Linde et al to be presented at the CHI 2012 conference in Austin.

Design Things – an Innovative View of Design Thinking and Design Practice

[PUBLICATIONS] This book offers an innovative view of design thinking and design practice, envisioning ways to combine creative design with a participatory approach encompassing aesthetic and democratic practices and values. The authors of Design Things look at design practice as a mode of inquiry that involves people, space, artifacts, materials, and aesthetic experience, following the process of transformation from a design concept to a thing.

Participation in Design Things

Open Access:

Ehn, Pelle. (2008). Participation in design things. Proceedings of Participatory Design Conference (PDC), Bloomington, Indiana, USA, 2008.

ABSTRACT – This paper discusses the design of things. This is done in an attempt to conceptually explore some of the political and practical challenges to participatory design today. Which things, and which participants? The perspective is strategic and conceptual. Two approaches are in focus, participatory design (designing for use before use) and meta-design (designing for design after design). With this framing the challenge for professional design to participate in public controversial things is considered.