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Creative Commons experiment turned into festival

On September 5, Medea screened the documentary Hello World! Processing as part of The Nordic Creative Commons Film Festival – a crowdsourced festival where members of the audience become the hosts.

Text: Erling Björgvinsson & Richard Topgaard

We’re very excited about being part of this grassroots film festival, this because we know it would probably not have existed if it hadn’t been for an experiment we did in collaboration with film director Hanna Sköld in 2009. What started as a small indie-film distribution experiment has evolved into several Creative Commons film festivals all over the world.

MEDEA Insight: Invitation to join the Open Culture Seminar on Nov 22

> November 22 at 1500-1800 at MEDEA <

Today, people are creatively adopting and developing new practices and ways of communicating and cooperating with and through video, as can be observed with popular online video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. Video remix and mashup have in particular become a way to engage and take part in discussions in our society, with interests varying from politics to aesthetics and self-expression.

Medea invites you to a seminar where we address the possibilities and challenges of open culture production. These activities in which audiovisual media is used and re-used often affect copyright and IP of established producers and content providers. It is therefore essential to understand how legal re-use of media content could be facilitated and supported by various stakeholders in the media landscape, and how practitioners could adopt the principles of open culture production.