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Making Futures: Marginal Notes on Innovation, Design, and Democracy

[PUBLICATION] Innovation and design need not be about the search for a killer app. Innovation and design can start in people’s everyday activities. The stories collected in ‘Making Futures’ challenge the dominant perception of what constitutes successful innovations. They recount efforts at social innovation, opening the production process, challenging the creative class, and expanding the public sphere. MIT Press, 2014.

Open Public Data in the Cultural Sector—Waltraut Ritter (Medea Talks #24)

WALTRAUT RITTER is research director at Knowledge Dialogues, specializing in applied research projects on socio-economic issues of information and knowledge societies. On December 3, 2013, she gave a talk on the topic of Open Public Data in the Cultural Sector at the Medea Talks lecture series. View the video here.

How do you design sustainable cultural commons?

Woman and microphone – Copyright Flickr User Fora do Eixo CC:BY-SA

Malmö University researcher Erling Björgvinsson went to Aalto University, Finland, to take part in a seminar on issues of commons. The title of the seminar is “Infrastructuring the Commons?”. Björgvinsson and Sanna Marttila hosted the session Cultural Commons.

“In this Cultural Commons session we ask: What are the emerging design practices and tools to collaboratively design sustainable cultural commons? How to facilitate the growth of emerging public knowledge resources? How the digital networks and cultural resources can be transferred for the public good? What perspectives and actions of infrastucturing and commoning can bring to the discussion on Cultural Commons? What are the current and emerging threats of Cultural Commons?”

Creative Commons experiment turned into festival

On September 5, Medea screened the documentary Hello World! Processing as part of The Nordic Creative Commons Film Festival – a crowdsourced festival where members of the audience become the hosts.

Text: Erling Björgvinsson & Richard Topgaard

We’re very excited about being part of this grassroots film festival, this because we know it would probably not have existed if it hadn’t been for an experiment we did in collaboration with film director Hanna Sköld in 2009. What started as a small indie-film distribution experiment has evolved into several Creative Commons film festivals all over the world.

Questions of Commons and Inclusion – conference report

A commons represents a model of social ownership and management. It is a way of owning and managing resources that is neither public nor private, but rather is based on the direct involvement of people in owning and managing a specific resource. Medea’s PhD candidate Anna Seravalli reports from the Economics and the Commons conference in Berlin.