Call for Submissions: Making Futures – Challenging Innovation (PDC workshop, Aug 13, Roskilde)

In this workshop, we will challenge the logic of innovation by exploring the potential of participatory design cases that demonstrate a repertoire of differently situated practices of ‘future-making’; futures made locally, in heterogeneous communities, and with marginalised publics. The workshop will focus on map-making and storytelling to form landscapes of multiple futures.

Making Futures: Marginal Notes on Innovation, Design and Democracy

[PROJECT PORTFOLIO] Making Futures is a book that is in the making; a collected edition of stories written by people that for many years have been working with and thinking about innovation, design and democracy. By sharing alternative stories about what design and innovation can be, we hope to provide a richer, and more profound image of what innovation constitute which in the longer run may contribute to a more sustainable future-making.