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Living Lab the Stage

Collaborative cultural production.

The work carried out within Living Lab the Stage deals with collaborative cultural production. Small companies within music, film and book publishing work with design companies and Medea researchers on developing new media services and practices related to events as well as developing more persistent collaborative cultural co-production services and place-specific experiences.

The results of Living Lab the Staged are analyzed in chapters 9–11 in Making Futures: Marginal Notes on Innovation, Design, and Democracy (MIT Press, 2014).

Also see Malmö Living Labs.

Living Lab The Stage can be described as an arena where small and medium sized media companies, cultural institutions and individual cultural producers co-produce together with researchers in new media oriented cultural productions and collaborative cross-media products and services. The different actors are mainly small and medium sized media companies and IT companies within music, film and book publishing, design firms, arts and performance centers and concert venues. Co-production projects, which range from short student projects to longer and more complex research and development projects, are developed and carried out in close dialogue with cultural actors and the media and IT companies connected to the lab.

The lab focuses on new ways to produce, promote, distribute and finance cultural productions as well as on ways to engage audiences in participating in professional creative processes. A particular emphasis is put on questions related to how place and time-specific media can enhance both events and more persistent media objects such as books, music albums, art works etc.

Living Lab the Stage-related projects:

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