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“Teaching dance is teaching empathy”: On hip-hop, cultural appropriation and being h-u-e-m-a-n | Medea Vox

Dance is more than physical exercise. Dance is learning about cultures and getting to know yourself. Dance educator and Afro-diasporic dance expert Moncell Durden says that “Teaching dance is teaching empathy – dance is everywhere, it comes from everyone.”

In this Medea Vox episode, we talk about hip-hop, cultural appropriation and being h-u-e-m-a-n:

When I say “human beings” I mean H–U–E, hue. I struggle with the concept of black and white. Everyone on this planet is of one color – multiple hues. From the lightest to the darkest. (Moncell Durden)

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Moncell Durden is a dance educator, choreographer, ethnographer, and assistant professor of practice at University of Southern California’s Glorya Kaufman International School of Dance. He is interviewed by Erin Cory, senior lecturer in Media and Communication Studies at Malmö University.

This Medea Vox is co-produced with Malmö Dance Week.

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