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Comics and Politics (with Daria Bogdanska, the author of Wage Slaves)

Comics have been around for more than a hundred years. For a long time, comics were mainly viewed as light entertainment for kids, but today they can also be seen as an aesthetically ambitious art form. But are comics also a politically significant medium?

In this Medea Vox episode, comics artist Daria Bogdanska and professor Magnus Nilsson talk about comics and politics. Can comics be used to criticize and think about society in new ways? Can comics articulate new voices, or reach out to those who are not taking part in political life? And which are the potentials and limitations of comics as a political art form?

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Daria Bogdanska is the comics artist who in 2016 released Wage Slaves (English edition), a much-acclaimed graphic novel that tells about Bogdanska’s experiences of being a migrant in Sweden. Magnus Nilsson is professor of comparative literature at the School of Arts and Communication at Malmö University.

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This episode is also available through MUEP, Malmö University’s repository for academic output.

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