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Call for Submissions: The Politics, Practices and Poetics of Openness

The Living Archives research project invites contributions to an online publication entitled Openness: Politics, Practices and Poetics. Scholars and practitioners are asked to think critically about how openness is changing social values and influencing how information is shared.

From the call:

10 or even 5 years ago it was easier to take a stance that open data was ‘good’ and restricted data was ‘bad’. Post Edward Snowden, general wariness of formerly innocent data gathering is growing, at the same time as the Internet of Things promises increased networking but offers uneven possibilities regarding openness of data. The Living Archives research project proposes a digital publication to explore the theme of openness in the age of open everything (data, access, source, knowledge, culture, heritage …).

Expression of interest is due 29 May 2015. The call is open for a variety of formats: Text, images, audio, video, code, performance or any combination thereof. See full call for details.