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New gadgets in the Connectivity Lab

On Thursday November 21st, Lukas Segelmark, Business Developer at AXIS Communication came by Medea with new gadgets for the Connectivity Lab: Two variations of their Linux based network cameras. The meeting was initiated as a first step towards a possible future collaboration between Medea and AXIS. With him was PhD student Mads Høbye and Researcher and Senior Lecturer Daniel Spikol from faculty of Technology and Society.

The objective of future collaborations with AXIS is finding areas of mutual for Medea (Malmö University) researchers and students and Daniel Spikol is expecting to incorporate the camera in his master classes.

AXIS Communications is based in Lund and was the world’s first company to launch a network camera in 1996 and have disrupted the market for network video by creating an open API with all their products and thereby creating and encouraging 3rd party developers to tap into their international network of distributors.

For more information about AXIS Communications or general inquiries about collaboration with Medea, please contact Peter Løvschall at