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Revisiting Elsewhere—Tania Ruiz Gutiérrez (Medea Talks #23)

TANIA RUIZ GUTIÉRREZ is an artist and associate professor at l’Université Paris-VIII/Vincennes-Saint-Denis. Her work is characterized by an exceptional ability to combine artistic and technological skills with critical and conceptual analysis, and she is the artist who made the video installation Elsewhere at Malmö central station. In October, she will be recognized with an Honorary Doctorate at Malmö University, and on October 16 she will give a public lecture entitled Revisiting Elsewhere.

When: Wednesday, Oct 16 at 16-18
Where: Medea studio, Östra Varvsg. 11, Malmö (map)
Whom: Everyone, but please sign up!
Moderator: Leo Gullbring, design and architecture journalist

For the Malmö audience, Tania Ruiz Gutiérrez is most known for her epic video installation Annorstädes/Elsewhere/Ailleurs at Malmö Central Station. The work has been exuberantly received nationally as well as internationally and was in 2012 awarded The European Prize for Public Urban Space.

For more information about Ruiz Gutiérrez, read this interview where she talks more about Elsewhere:

“One of the things this artwork underlines is the consciousness that we are not only living simultaneously with the rest of the humanity, but we are also sharing our destinies.”


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Featured image: credit Tania Ruiz Gutiérrez, used with permission