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Public lecture on Apr 24: Learning with models to learning by modelling

LARS BOLLEN, University of Twente, will be giving a talk entitled Learning with models to learning by modelling.

Date, time & place: Wednesday, April 24, at 15.00, at Medea (map)

Audience: This lecture is public and open to all interested.

ABSTRACT – Using and understanding models is an important concept in learning and teaching science. By going from “learning with models” to “learning by modelling”, we allow young students to create external representations of their mental models of (scientific) phenomena to help them to concretise their ideas, to discuss and share them. Rather than working with given models and representations, creating their own models engages students in richer activities and interactions. In this presentation, I will show our approaches of “learning by modelling” based on the examples of various modelling tools and experiences from empirical studies. The presentation will conclude with a hands-on demonstration of the presented modelling tools. Read more on Modelling and Drawing: a blog about educational software

Lars Bollen studied Physics and Computer Science for Higher Education at the University Duisburg-Essen in Germany. He graduated (“Staatsexamen”, MSc. equivalent) in 2002 about the integration of visual modeling languages into the learning environment Cool Modes. After graduation, he joined the Collide research group, lead by Prof. Dr. Hoppe, in the Department of Computational and Cognitive Sciences at the University Duisburg-Essen. Lars Bollen worked on projects like eCampus, COLDEX, SkyWatch, Argunaut and participated in various activities within the NoE – Kaleidoscope.

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