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Prototyping Futures – Cover CC:BY Medea

Prototyping Futures

A publication exploring research themes and challenges

What research themes and challenges are we exploring right now at Medea? How can research and collaboration across borders contribute to societal change and more sustainable futures? In the publication Prototyping Futures, we summarize what is going on at Medea.

We have over a few weeks talked to people affiliated with Medea, asking them what gets them out of bed in the morning. We have assembled interviews, essays and photo collages into a fanzine-style magazine. Over the upcoming months, we will publish most of its contents on this website.

A tangible version of Prototyping Futures can be picked up at Medea. A digital version can be viewed below (or here on Issuu) and can be downloaded here (62 MB).

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Update Sep 3, 2013: Prototyping Futures has been nominated for the Swedish Publishing Prize in the category “infomagasin”, see full list of nominees.

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This is a travel guide to the hearth and heart of the research centre Medea. We will take you on a journey across islands, continents and seas of research questions, experiments, tools and methods. We will guide you through an archipelago based on multidisciplinary research and co-production and put a spotlight on how research and collaboration beyond borders can contribute to societal change and more sustainable futures. We present our most poignant research themes and challenges, the questions that drive us forward and how we explore them. This travel guide builds on the contributions of many. We have also left some space for you. What are you exploring? What are your interests and driving forces? What do you want to change? No answers need to be given – in this publication, questions are more important than answers. We invite you to join us on this continuously on-going journey of knowledge building and prototyping of futures. Remember, the future is unwritten.

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Publisher: Karin Johansson-Mex Medea, Malmö University. Editors and concept developers: Elisabet M. Nilsson & Richard Topgaard. Contributors: Medea and co-partners. Graphic design: Tomas Dettlaff & Julia Persson. English copy editing: Emma Holloway Attaway.

CC:BY-NC | Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 License.