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Lecture: Designing and prototyping experiences with Mobile AR

JAY BOLTER is Wesley Chair of New Media at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has published several books on new media and he works with new digital media forms, e.g. Storyspace, a hypertext authoring system, at the Augmented Environments Lab at Georgia Tech.

Bolter explores the use of the Argon browser in relation to dramatic experiences for games, art, entertainment and informal education. His collaborations in augmented reality experience design extend to Sweden, where he collaborates with Maria Engberg (Blekinge Institute of Technology) and Susan Kozel, Medea, Malmö university, among others.

The video lecture embedded below (or here on YouTube) was recorded at Connectivity Lab Live, an event celebrating the inauguration of Connectivity Lab, which is an experimental prototype arena where skills, technology and researchers meet with entrepreneurs and companies to help create new and better services, experiences and products in the field of digital media and connected devices.

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Back in 2009, Jay Bolter gave a Medea Talk entitled Liveness and Performance in Contemporary Digital Media, which can be viewed here.