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Presentations and lectures from Connectivity Lab Live

Connectivity Lab Live was a two-day event exploring innovative prototyping in the fields of digital media and connected devices. The two days saw prominent speakers from Georgia Tech, BBC, Lego, Fablab Amsterdam and many more.

All presentations were recorded and we will publish them all on this website – click the names below to get to the lecture or view this playlist on YouTube.

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Alex Schaub, Fablab Amsterdam (NL) – Showing a 3D bass guitar, an interactive football table and more made collaboratively in Amsterdam

Asta Wellejus (DK) & Susan Kozel (CAN/SV) – a discussion based on the Living Archives project

Chadi Romanos, Arte (FR) – Europe’s most experimental broadcaster, their methods and experiences with web productions

David Cuartielles, Arduino (ES/SV) – Stories from the Arduino community, about technology, building for others to build, and sharing the results

Deanna M. Herst & Alex Schaub, Open Design Now (NL) – Open design in educational frameworks

George Wright, BBC (UK) – BBC’s internal prototyping department tells us about their methods and experiences

Jason DaPonte, The Swarm (UK) – Connected devices and experiences and the future of broadcasts 2nd, 3rd and 4th screen experiences

Jay David Bolter, Georgia Tech (US) – Designing and prototyping experiences with Mobile AR (for smartphones and tablets)

John Cohn, Jenn Karson and Mikael Haglund (US) – The Vermont Maker movement: collaborations among artists, scientists and technicians in the US

Katerina Avramides, London Knowledge Lab (UK) – Combining Artificial Intelligence, psychology and learning

Kristina Andersen, Tiny Thing (NL) – Kids, magic and technology, dystopia or utopia, an explorative practice on the future

Patricia Charlton, London Knowledge Lab (UK) – Interdisciplinary prototypes, working with industry, challenges and successes

Ralf Voncken, Lego (NL) – Lego and prototyping, current experiments integrating smart devices into physical objects

Tiffany St James, National Digital Media Advisor (UK) – Hack the government, open data & kids’ coding for fun

Tomas Diez, Fablab Barcelona (ES) – Fablabs as dynamizers of the city

Valérie Lamontagne, Concordia University (CAN) – The new role of the designer in fashion tech & wearables

Image credit Marcus Ljungblad CC:BY

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