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AffeXity: Performing Affect with Augmented Reality

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Kozel, Susan. (2012). AffeXity: Performing Affect with Augmented Reality. The Fibreculture Journal, issue 21, exploring affective interactions.

EXCERPT – AffeXity [is a] project [that] opens implications for interaction design: designing affectively and designing for affect are two different things. […] At the heart of AffeXity is the convergence between performance and mobile technologies. In particular, the project uses the augmented reality browser Argon. This runs on smart phones and permits images, audio and video to be anchored in real world locations using geospatial coordinates or QR codes. The media float in the device’s display over the live feed from its camera. Appropriately for an augmented reality project, AffeXity is designed to have several layers, or modes, of interaction. In its simplest interactive mode, it is a locative media project with short movement improvisations videoed and geospatially tagged at various sites in Malmö, Sweden.

Read this publication in html, epub, or pdf.

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