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Living Archives receives 18 million from Vetenskapsrådet

Medea has received 18 million over 5 years from the Swedish Research Council to work with the research project Living Archives, a project that will explore the digitized society’s challenges by examining how our shared digital cultural archives can be significant as a social resource, create social change and contribute to cultural awareness where users can collaborate to create a shared future.

Karin Johansson-Mex, director of Medea, is very happy for the Council’s decision. “This project contains so many exciting subsections that we at Medea are really passionate about. We will blow the digital dust off the shelves and embrace contemporary methodologies such as open data, social networking, mobile media, storytelling, games, and physical design. We see that a democratized access to our cultural heritage is of paramount importance today where we all need to communicate across borders of age, class, culture and politics.”

Interdisciplinary project
The 18 million are from the framework grant The Digitized Society – Past, Present, and Future. Out of 68 applications, only 13 were awarded a grant. Malmö University was the only of the younger universities in Sweden to receive it. The interdisciplinary project is based at Medea and includes researchers from the faculty of Culture and Society, Technology and Society and Learning and Society at Malmö University.

Susan Kozel, head researcher: ”This is a fantastic opportunity for Medea and Malmö University to progress with a unique style of collaborative research that combines scholarship with real world impact. The competition for this Digitized Society category was fierce but our ideas, our team of researchers, and our co-production partners clearly caught the attention of the Council’s jury. We invite everyone to keep an eye on the Living Archives section of the Medea website to participate in various stages of development or to view the results.”

Research team
Susan Kozel, Professor of New Media at Medea, heads the project. Other participants are: Marie Gustavsson Friberger, PhD in Computer Science at the School of Technology; Anders Høg Hansen, PhD in Media and Communications Studies at the Faculty of Culture and Society; Roger Johansson, Professor in History at the Faculty of Education and Society; Erling Björvinsson, PhD in Interaction design at Medea; Elisabet M. Nilsson, PhD in Pedagogy, games researcher at Medea.

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