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Elis: Mobile services for energy efficiency in existing buildings


The idea behind the Elis project is to use personal mobile devices as catalysts and user interfaces for energy efficiency in existing buildings. The project focuses on the service level, and already existing infrastructure and hardware will be used to the greatest possible extent. The arena is Hyllie in Malmö, which is part of the program Green Digital City run by the City of Malmö. The goal is to become Sweden’s most environmentally friendly city, and Hyllie is selected as the pilot area for the development of Green IT in Malmö. Vinnova funds this project.

Contact: Carl Magnus Olsson.

Keywords: Internet of Things, energy efficiency, living labs methodology, context-awareness, computer science, interaction design, open innovation


MORE – During the project period, a number of basic mobile services will be developed. The aim of these services are to make relevant information on energy use easy accessible for citizens, as well as allowing for remote control of devices. These basic services will be a part of a larger ecosystem of services, including more advanced services. Such services can range from decision support for the user to automatic control and monitoring of systems. Throughout the project, prototypes will be developed based on sophisticated features such as context-awareness. The methods applied are based on Living Labs practices, where user-centric development and open innovation are key. In addition, all protocols and APIs will be open.

A key research concern is the question of context-awareness and the ability to identify the user situation and act appropriately in relation to this. The contextual data can then be used for predicting and suggesting appropriate behavior that improves energy efficiency. Another key concern is related to the topic of service discovery, where new equipment and services are made available to end users without the need for advanced installation.

Partners include Medea at Malmö University, Media Evolution, MKB, Mobile Heights, BTH, the City of Malmö, Ericsson, IBM, Schneider Electric, Eon, Sony, TeliaSonera, LTH, Region Skåne and ST Ericsson. Medea’s main contribution in the project is the development of service prototypes, apps and simulation testing and to set up development, test and demonstration environments. The work is led by Carl Magnus Olsson.

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