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Open talk on Virtual spaces through artistic exploration

Prof. Ståle Stenslie is a Norwegian artist, researcher and curator. Through his artistic work he is considered a pioneer in the field of electronics art. Stenslie uses technology and interface design as a framework for exploring the intersection between art, media and network research. His talk is entitled Virtual spaces beyond visual perception, haptic interaction and technology development through artistic exploration.

Date/time: October 12, at 10-12.

Location: Medea (map)

Stenslie has both curated and worked with several international artists that focus on media activism and electronic arts. He is known for his exhibition Detox I and II with the National Touring Exhibitions, now a part of the Norwegian National Museum.

On October 12 he will be giving a talk based upon his recent research and experiments on how immersive and corporal body experiences can be created, changed and manipulated through the use of technology. This work includes several exhibitions like the Sense Memory & Psychoplastics AR project and The Blind Theatre, shown at the Norwegian National Theatre.

Two recent Stenslie publications
Developing Visual Editors for High-Resolution Haptic Patterns
Mobile Haptic Technology Development Through Artistic Exploration