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Thank you all for coming to the Connectivity Lab Live @Medea!

Connectivity Lab Live was a two-day maker event between the digital and physical with a 24-hour hackathon challenge, inspirational talks, prototype exhibitions, workshops and more at Medea, December 7-8.

The original invitation read…

Explore the realm of prototyping! Build, invent and create your own Christmas Present for Mankind at Connectivity Lab Live! Creative visionaries, programmers, artists, innovators, designers, and makers will gather in Malmö to break the boundaries between the physical and digital and bash our brains with other explorative doers. Learn more (link to the Internet Archive’s version of the website).

Pics from the event (Flickr link to set). Photographer Marcus Ljungblad et al CC:BY

We call out to all our fellow mates to carve out the unique qualities of making, sewing, building and envisioning new tools, toys and beautiful solutions in this creative research environment embodied by the new Connectivity Lab at Medea, Malmö University.

View presentations and lectures from the event here.

Have a look at this interview between Medea’s director Karin Johansson-Mex and Connectivity Lab manager Asta Wellejus on what the Connectivity Lab is all about.