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Open Seminar – Speed, Open Innovation, and Ecosystems: Implications for Software Engineering

JAN BOSCH, professor in software engineering at Chalmers University of Technology and at Groningen University, will on October 1 host a seminar dealing with the realization of software innovation in organizations, and the need this creates for embracing a wider perspective on developing novel software products.

Date/time: October 1, at 13.30-14.30.

Location: Room C214, building Kranen (no. 4 on this map)

We need to know how many chairs we need, please sign up here!.

About the seminar
Companies building software-intensive systems operate in a rapidly changing world. On the one hand, the need to shorten cycle times and be responsive to customer needs has never been stronger. On the other hand, organizations increasingly operate in a complex software ecosystem where orchestration of distributed (open) innovation efforts needs to be a key capability.

The presentation starts by discussing the trends that drive developments in the software industry. Subsequently, it raises three important implications for software engineering, including the role of software architecture, the organization of teams and ways of working, and the activities needed to initiate and evolve a software ecosystem. The talk provides examples from a variety of companies and teams to illustrate the key points.

About Jan Bosch
Prof. Jan Bosch has more than two decades experience as a software engineer, executive, professor, innovator and consultant in the software industry. Currently, he holds a full professorship in software engineering at Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) and at Groningen University (Netherlands). His research areas include software architecture, software product lines, software ecosystems, global software development and innovation.


Image credit: Flickr user Another Hue CC:BY-NC