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Mobile Haptic Technology Development Through Artistic Exploration

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Cuartielles, D., Göransson, A., Olsson, T., & Stenslie, S. (2012). Mobile haptic technology development through artistic exploration. In C. Magnusson, D. Szymczak & S. Brewster (Eds.), Haptic and audio interaction design (pp. 31-40) Springer Berlin/Heidelberg. doi: 10.1007/978-3-642-32796-4_4

ABSTRACT – This paper investigates how artistic explorations can be useful for the development of mobile haptic technology. It presents an alternative framework of design for wearable haptics that contributes to the building of haptic communities outside specialized research contexts. The paper also presents our various wearable haptic systems for mobile computing capable of producing high-order tactile percepts. Our practice based approach suggests a design framework that can be applied to create advanced haptic stimulations/situations for physically embodied interaction in real-world settings.

Keywords: Applied haptics, wearables, bodysuit, haptic and embodied interaction, haptic resolution, Arduino, Android, mobile haptic systems, online haptics editor.

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