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The Video Journal section of ACM's Computers in Entertainment seeks submissions

Scholarly communication has for a long time relied on the medium of text. In the academic field of interaction design, much of what is talked about is centered on experience, which is obviously hard to communicate in text. The ACM journal Computers in Entertainment recently launched the video journal section in response to this issue.

The video journal presents video articles, which consist of a video part and a text part, where the video part concentrates on experiential issues and the text part contextualizes and reflects. Video article contributions are assessed in double-blind peer review and the forum is considered to be of scholarly archival standard.

The first video article has been written produced by Medea’s Mads Høbye, PhD student in interaction design, titled Mediated Body: Designing for embodied experience.

Two more articles have been accepted and are due for publishing shortly.

Currently seeking submissions
The Video Journal is currently seeking submissions from scholars in interaction design and new media who thinks that text and images aren’t sufficient to communicate their work, but who still want to publish their work in academically reputable fora. See CIE’s submission guidelines.

Image credit Flickr user ragv CC:BY-ND

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