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Support the Granny Invasion! Target: 10,000 grannies and $50,000 !

“Why are most stories never told? And who gets to choose the ones that are?”. That are the questions director Hanna Sköld asks in her campaign on crowdfunding site Kickstarter, a campaign that aims for $50,000 and 10,000 granny-stories. See the promotion video embedded below, or here on Kickstarter.

Granny’s Dancing on the Table – a GRANNY-INVASION! promo video by Hanna Sköld

The granny-stories will be used in the #granniverse, a storyworld based on the myths, characters and oddities of the Granny’s Dancing on the Table film script. The granniverse will manifest itself as a feature film, an online adventure game and the International Granny Day (and probably more!).

The $50,000 from the Kickstarter campaign will be used to start the shooting of the film in the fall of 2012. Your granny-story can be submitted on

Medea has been involved in this project since its inception within the framework of Living Lab the Stage.