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Capturing Affect With a Handful of Techne—Jeannette Ginslov (Medea Talks #19)

JEANNETTE GINSLOV is Medea’s artist-in-residence this spring. Her roots are as performer, choreographer and artistic director in South Africa, but for the last five years she has focused more on interdisciplinary platforms investigating the crossover between the media/dance/cinema/video and the internet.

Her work centers around affect, haptic and digital materiality on several platforms: stage, screens, online and new media applications. Ginslov is currently working with Prof Susan Kozel at Medea on the project AffeXity that draws together screendance, visual imagery and mobile networked devices.

On May 14, Jeannette Ginslov gave a Medea Talk about the developmental stages of the AffeXity project, the interdependence of the collaborators, the relational and dynamic formation of technical and human intervention, the encounters of the carnal and the digital, the dialogic and temporal scaffolding of encounters of techne and the hands that attempt to capture affect.

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See Jeannette Ginslov’s presentation in the video embedded below or on YouTube.

More about AffeXity
AffeXity is a two year long research project. The first phase of research was conducted during Ginslov’s residency at the Laboratorium, Dansehallerne Copenhagen in November 2011. In the project’s final phase, they wish to see the project becoming a “social choreography”. Anyone will be invited to shoot and upload short screendance videos, using their “body in city” as a location of affect, archive their material onto a social media dance and technology platform and finally use Argon to facilitate a “performance” in their own city. These should reflect our premier of AffeXity in Malmö, November 2012.

More about Jeannette Ginslov
Her roots are in Performance Art, protest theatre and contemporary dance theatre within the context of an Apartheid South Africa as a performer, choreographer and artistic director. The classical and contemporary dance training in South Africa, New York and France afforded her the tools to practice and research sites of resistance through the body and movement. In 1998 she studied a Master of Arts in Choreography based on the Body and the Dance Factory as sites of Resistance, exploring postmodernist feminist dance practices and choreographic strategies.

She left South Africa in 2008, in order to study for an MSc in Media Arts and Imaging Screendance, at Dundee University Scotland. In 2009 she started exploring other sites and modes of production with the use of online platforms and became associate producer She is a moderator for content on that uses the most advanced social software platforms and internet rich multimedia applications. She is also the creator of MoveStream that provides an interdisciplinary platform that investigating the crossover between the boundaries usually found in media/dance/cinema/video and the internet. It provides a fresh and adaptive evolving domain for the public to engage with culture, choreography and performance. As a networked phenomenon, it encourages a much needed flow and exchange in Screendance discourse.

Medea Talk with Jeanette Ginslov
When: Monday, May 14, 16:00-18:00
Where: at the MEDEA studio, Östra Varvsgatan 11, Malmö
Whom: The Medea Talk is for free and open to everyone. It is followed by Q&A and conversation.
More info about Affexity:
Sign up: Limited availability, sign up here

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