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Three contributions from Medea to the CHI 2012 conference in Austin

We’re glad to announce that several contributions from Medea researchers have been accepted to the prestigious CHI conference. These papers will be presented in Austin in May this year.

1. Introducing the concept of “collaborative media” (View article)
In their article Designing Collaborative Media: A Challenge for CHI?, Jonas Löwgren and Bo Reimer discuss the analytical concept “collaborative media”:

Collaborative media refers to digital media where people outside the traditional media industries participate in production as well as infrastructural design. We argue that people’s use of computers today increasingly comprise communicating in collaborative media, and that designing collaborative media implies fundamental changes to design processes and designer roles, which in turn forms a challenge to the proactive position of the CHI community in shaping future computer use.

2. The object of design is to draw things together (View article)
Pelle Ehn and Per Linde et al discuss our understanding of the very nature of design by reflecting upon design at a conceptual level, and discussing how creativity can be coupled with participation and experience.

3. A box that facilitates touch interaction between strangers (View article).
Mads Høbye, PhD student in interaction design at Medea, presents his Touchbox, which is about facilitating intriguing touch interaction between strangers. The participants each wear a pair of headphones, and when they touch each others bare skin, they both hear a complex sound pattern. This experiment builds on Høbye’s previous work carried out in the Mediated Body project.

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Scientific progress at Medea: infrastructuring and a model for collaborative media

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