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Shaped allows you to project media on any surface

Jonas Stenberg, Axel Jacobson, Ivar boson and two former classmates started the company Ixagon after graduating from the interaction design programme at Malmö University. They now work closely with the university’s research centre Medea. “There’s a huge advantage of having this connection with Medea”, says Jonas Stenberg.

The software company Ixagon has been around for more than a year, and after mostly doing consultancy work in the startup phase, they are now about to launch their first product: Shaped, an application that allows you to project images, videos and other graphics on all kinds of surfaces – as demonstrated in the video embedded below (or here on Vimeo).

Video: Demonstration of Ixagon’s first product, Shaped, an application that allows you to project images, videos and other graphics on all kinds of surfaces.

During the autumn, Shaped has been presented and used at exhibitions in Malmö, Stockholm and London and so far they have, among others, the ESS project in Lund, the City of Malmö and Malmö University as customers.

– Currently, the market for Shaped is in the exhibition technology field. It may be museums or other companies and organizations that need equipment for their exhibition operations, says Axel Jacobson.

In the future, they want to develop different versions of the software, perhaps a “light” and a “pro” version. This to expand the customer base.

– That would create a larger volume of licenses and support cases, says Jonas Stenberg.

Help from Medea’s business developer
Ixagon has throughout its start-up period been located in the Medea Studio in the Western Harbour of Malmö. This because they all did their graduate work at Medea while studying at the interaction design programme at the university.

– It has been very good for us to work in this creative environment. Without this support, we could probably not have started a company, says Stenberg.

He and Axel points out that Medea has served as springboard for their young company.

– We have received great help from Medea’s business developer Alf Condelius.

– And we have been seen at Medea’s many events where we have been able to make new contacts in the cultural and the business sectors, Axel Jacobson continues.

The three colleagues in Ixagon still have a link to Malmö University. They have, for example, been teaching the subject “spatial design”.

– We have discussed the possibility of bringing in students who can carry out their thesis work with us, says Jonas Stenberg.

Ixagon Facts
# The company Ixagon AB was formed in September 2010 after they had been contracted to do 3D installations for the Skåne days at the World Expo in Shanghai, China.

# During the start-up phase, they received a grant from the Knowledge Foundation of 200 000 SEK for buying technology and make further research on the subject of their thesis.

# Originally they were five partners who started the company, but eventually two colleagues have left the company since they started a family and wanted a different work situation.

– We work between eight and twelve hours per day on weekdays and sometimes up to eight hours on weekends. But now we have a salary and are able to to this for a living, although it still does not involve any significant revenue, says Jonas Stenberg.

This text was originally published as Framgångsrecept: koppling till Medea on the Malmö University main website, written by PM Eriksson.

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