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Lunch? Social places meet the media – find friends to eat with

The News Media Concept Lab at Medea has built a simple demonstrator called Lunch? Yes, the question mark is part of the name, and the reason is that it helps you find friends to have lunch with.

After leaving your office and firing up the app, it shows you which restaurants nearby your Facebook friends have been to, with their comments and ratings. Typical list and map views are available. More info about the restaurants include Sydsvenskan Bong reviews and contact info.

Of course, you can also see if any of your friends are in the restaurant right now, in case you want to join them for lunch. Or dinner, or drinks. That’s it, pretty much.


The app runs under Android and uses API calls to Facebook with Facebook Places checkin to provide the social data. The main point of building it was to explore how editorial contents and user-generated contents could combine in new ways into useful services.

Credits: Andreas Göransson, Per Linde, Jonas Löwgren, Margareta Melin and Bo Reimer for Medea. Jonas Gruvö and Mikael Pankko for Sydsvenskan. Thanks to Anna Seravalli for lending a hand in the photos.

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3 thoughts on “Lunch? Social places meet the media – find friends to eat with”

    • This application was just a demonstrator for how editorial content and UGC could be combined in a meaningful way. I will check and see what the plans on launching it on Android market are. / Richard

    • Like Richard says, the app is currently in demonstrator state. In the next couple of months, we will put some more work into developing it. Whether it makes it onto the Market remains to be seen, though.

      (From our point of view as researchers, the main purpose was to illustrate a particular idea on possible relations between editors/journalists and “users” in the sphere of publishing.)

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