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Larger Than Live: making collaborative fan concert videos sound good

We were glad to learn that one of the concepts developed in the Living Lab the Stage has been picked up by tech entrepreneurs in Sweden. Meet Larger Than Live!

One of the projects within Living Lab the Stage is called Cross-media music service and it’s dealing with event-specific personalized concert media. One of the experiments carried out has been dealing with event-specific photography, the other with how concert videos shot by fans can me merged with a hi-fi soundtrack and professionally shot videos. One of the experiments was done in collaboration with Swedish pop artist Moto Boy, read more about this experiment here.


Larger Than Live, a project with financial backing from First Motion and BoostHBG, has explored this concept further. The team re-used the Moto Boy footage plus the audio track to exemplify how fan videos combined with professional photo and audio can look like. See the concept explored in more detail in the video embedded below, or click this link.

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