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Do the Right Thing: MEDEA and K3 researchers at the NordMedia '11 conference

The biannual NordMedia conference took place on August 11-13 in Iceland at the University of Akureyri (Háskólinn á Akureyri). The conference theme was “Do the Right Thing” and MEDEA and Malmö University’s School of Arts and Communication (K3) were well represented at the conference.

· Media researcher Margareta Melin is part of the planning committee and she participated in a plenary panel on “Do the Right Thing”, and presented two papers, one in the Media and Cultural Studies “An Editorial Sewing Circle – Collaborative Storytelling Beyond Established Journalistic Platforms“ (co-written with Åsa Ståhl, Kristina Lindström and Johanna Rosenqvist), and one in the Journalism Studies Division “The Practice of Everyday Life in Journalism”.

· Pernilla Severson and Ylva Ekström chaired the panel “Civic Journalism as Networked Civic Spaces” within the division Media, Globalization and Social Change (find a few of the published papers here). Within this three papers written by K3 staff are presented:

· Interaction Designer Amanda Bergknut presented the paper “Social media mobilization in Arab nations during the uprising of 2011” co-written with media researcher Michael Krona.

· Media researcher Pernilla Severson presented “Exploring Twitter as network site for research on and in social innovation”.

· Media researcher Ylva Ekström presented the paper ”Globalization of the Pavement. A tanzanian case-study” (download PDF abstract) co-written with Anders Høg Hansen and Hugo Boothby.

All full papers will be made available as soon as the red tape fades to yellow and then green. Have patience, the academy is slow but thorough.

Image credit: late night movie CC:BY-NC-ND