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Come and celebrate the grand opening of Fabriken

On April 2, Fabriken opens its doors to the public. To celebrate this big event STPLN invites you to a day full of activities and happenings. Come and play in the workshop, try out different machines and tools, or just have a look around and explore the new facilities. In connection to the opening an idea contest: “Vision – Prototyp – Pitch” is organised with five scholarships in the prize pool (5,000 SEK/each). All innovators and creative people are welcome to pitch ideas, and present their dream projects in front of a jury, and an audience. See the full program at STPLN web site.

Fabriken is the third MEDEA Living Lab established within the framework of Malmö New Media. Living Labs are seen as an important engine to power user-driven innovation by offering actors (citizens, companies, public institutions, NGO’s, researchers etc.) access to technical equipment, knowledge, and skills in order to experiment, prototype, and test new ideas. In return the actors provide input to the labs by sharing their knowledge, experiences and skills.

Except from providing access to a physical lab space, Fabriken also constitutes a platform for networking and matchmaking between actors, and other stakeholders. The basic idea is to establish a platform where people from companies, organisations, public institutions and universities team up with citizens in order to experiment and create new products, services and new knowledge in real-life environments.