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Ideas and Tools for a Superfluid Economy

Emergent by Design is a great blog that explores what is happening at the intersection of technology, communication, and culture. It’s run by Venessa Miemis who is currently pursuing a Masters in Media Studies at the New School in NYC.

There are two posts that I would like to highlight:

10 Projects Moving Us Towards a Superfluid Economy
This article is about the future of money and a problematization of currencies:

from virtual currencies to timebanks to social currencies based around trust, identity, reputation, expertise and relationships.

So we’re really talking about The Superfluid Economy, the set of tools and behaviors that are developing to make economic exchange, transactions, payments, commerce, distributed collaboration, resource allocation, and social enterprise formation as frictionless and fluid as possible.

The examples Miemis’ provides in that post are must-knows for people interested in alternative currencies and value- and service exchange schemes. Read 10 Projects Moving Us Towards a Superfluid Economy

A Tool for Building Resilient Cities
In this post Miemis introduces The Resilient City Project, aiming to build a tool that helps local communities share resources and reduce expenses using geolocation, interactive mapping and visualization. Read more about A Tool for Building Resilient Cities.

Miemis is also one of the organizers of Contact Summit 2011 where they will bring together technologists, artists, activists, businesspeople, funders, and other stakeholders in the networked future to hatch new ideas, develop and nourish exciting existing concepts, connect collaborators, and forge an ongoing community for innovating social media and beyond.

Image credit: Pondspider CC:BY-NC-SA