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Alone or Not


Kinaesthetic Tweeting puts the body into social networking, making it an improvisational forum. Alone or Not is the next phase of the IntuiTweet project. It creates a choreographic frame for creating and exchanging bodily experiences. Participants send short SMS messages or tweets about their movement, actions and perceptions to each other. Together they create a social network of bodily movement that becomes a shared choreography. Alone or not is produced by and for Zodiak Centre for New Dance, Helsinki, Finland. The project has been funded by the Arts Council of Finland (Dance) and the Arts Council of the Helsinki Metropolitan Region, Finland

Contact: Susan Kozel, MEDEA

Keywords: social media, mobile technology, twitter, social choreographies

This is a social networking initiative by collaborators Mia Keinänen, Anne Koutonen, Susan Kozel, Samu Mielonen and Leena Rouhiainen). You can participate in our open phase of this project from August 2011 – please see

For writing on the IntuiTweet project, see Kozel’s Intuitive Improvisation: A phenomenological Method for Dance Experimentation with Mobile Digital Media in this Studio Philosophia issue 3 (2010).

Image credit: energeticspell CC:BY-NC