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Music, Cities and Films—Paul Kelly (Medea Talks #16)

PAUL KELLY is a movie director. What have you done today, Mervyn Day, is his poetic documentary of the Lower Lea Valley, a part of London where the 20th century was born, now being transformed to house the 2012 Olympic Games. As described on the official Olympic Games web, the project Lower Lea Valley is as ”a catalyst for what will be the biggest regeneration project in Europe.”

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What Have You Done Today, Mervyn Day?
Paul Kelly (and Bob Stanley) works with an ongoing poetic documentary of London. Named after a 1970s West Ham goalkeeper, What have you done today Mervyn Day (2005) is a dreamy snapshot of the Lower Lea Valley and is an oral history of a part of London that is being developed to house the 2012 Olympic Games. This eastern fringe, the capital’s last remaining wilderness, represents an unruly kind of beauty. Accompanied by a Saint Etienne soundtrack, it is Paul Kelly’s follow up to Finisterre (2003) and it both documents the changes that the Lea Valley has seen and looks forward to its future.

“Plastic was invented here,” says Paul Kelly. “You had the Bryant and May match strike here, which led to the Labour movement. The Lea Valley is where the 20th century was born.”

“The Olympic village will wipe out almost all of this, and it’s a good thing too, says Bob Stanley. (…) But lovers of urban decay and fabulous dereliction are urged to go there sharpish. It’s your last chance to take a field trip to the birthplace of the twentieth century in all its beautiful, chaotic squalor.”

“Music, cities and films”

When: Wednesday, March 2

• 16:00 The Movie: What have you Done Today, Mervyn Day (50 minutes). The film will be shown without subtitles.

• 17:00 Discussion with Paul Kelly and Bob Stanley.

Where: at the MEDEA studio, Östra Varvsgatan 11A, Malmö

Moderator: Martin Theander, journalist, writer and director

Bonus Track: After the talk we will show Paul Kelly’s documentary of female punk pop group Dolly Mixtures: Take Three Girls:The Dolly Mixtures Story (40 minutes).

The Medea Talk is for free and followed by a Q&A.

Bob Stanley at Vinylbaren
Tuesday, March 1, Popskolan will arrange a talk with the music icon Bob Stanley, from Saint Etienne, at Vinylbaren, Bergsgatan 18, 18.00-22.00.