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Discover the hidden systems of Västra hamnen

Parascope designed by Unsworn Industries
Parascope designed by Unsworn Industries
You’re invited to experience a behind-the-scenes view of some of the energy and environment-saving systems at work within the Västra Hamnen area – as viewed through a parascope. MEDEA Collaborative Media Initiative artist-in-residence Arlene Birt has created an illustration that uncovers some of the hidden systems within the area.

The installation is accessible all day Saturday, Dec. 11 and Sunday Dec. 12, for free. You will find the installation in Västra hamnen here .

Through her work, Arlene frames every-day actions within the context of the big picture in order to communicate the role of the individual in social and ecological sustainability. The parascope itself was developed by a collaboration between Unsworn Industries and Malmö Stad.

Arlene Birt will also give at MEDEA on the theme “Visualizing Sustainability” related to her work as a visual storyteller, artist and information designer on Friday December 10th (15.00- 17.00). The talk is free and open to the public. Please sign up here.