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Visualizing Sustainability—Arlene Birt (Medea Talks #15)

ARLENE BIRT is a visual storyteller, artist and information designer. Through her work, Arlene Birt frames every-day actions within the context of the big picture in order to communicate consumers’ roles in social and ecological sustainability. This is a talk on the theme “Visualizing Sustainability”. The presentation (40 mins) is followed by a Q&A (20 mins).

» See Arlene Birt’s Medea Talk on the Internet Archive

Arlene Birt presents two projects that she’s done as artist-in-residence at MEDEA and a behind-the-scenes view on her work on how to visualize ‘background stories’. One project is a visual mapping of the sustainability-oriented systems at work within the Västra hamnen area through a collaboration with Unsworn Industries to show this information using the parascope technology they’ve developed. Another project, Bicycling Counts (view video on YouTube), visually communicates the benefits of bicycling – in terms of CO2 saved, money saved and calories burned.

Arlene Birt’s work on sustainability, which rides the line between art and education, has previously been featured in Creative Review (UK), U.S. News and World Report,,, SEED Magazine, and at the Barcelona Design Museum.

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