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IntuiTweet Project


As a new professor here at MEDEA, the obvious question is what to post first ? So many directions could be pursued.

I’ve decided to be project specific to begin with and use this site as a sort of Back Script for the IntuiTweet project, an initiative that began in conjunction with the Theatre Academy and University of Art and Design in Helsinki but which will be developed further here. The goal of this project is to provoke and exchange physical intuition or movement using Twitter. Can a social networking platform also be a way to enhance the performance of every day lives? Do Social Choreographies result?

As we start this IntuiTweet project again, another round of improvisations from Sweden, this time I’m wondering about voice, relevance and ‘audience’: who are these tweets for? With other improvisations they were for a limited number of people participating in the improvisations: usually Leena and Mia, expanding to include Jeannette, Julie and others. Now as I start again, I’m really wondering who will find them meaningful? People I don’t know are following me, so if I use Twitter as a forum for choreography do I have a responsibility to these people I don’t know who have decided to follow me?

In other words: Is there a form of social responsibility behind Twitter?

In other other words: As an artist do I have a responsibility to those who might choose to listen, see, feel, witness or think about what I do?

Or do I just merrily tweet about my kinaesthetic states and know that they may be meaningful or meaningless, that I can’t really impose or craft meaning from my little perspective anyway. I just release them like autumn leaves. Small wafers of  culture to be swept up, appreciated or ignored.

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