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Emues: Crowdsourcing concerts


A platform to mediate collaboration between fans, venues and artists. The key idea is for fans to express interest in certain concerts based on artist and venue availability, to pledge intention to pay, and to engage other fans to join. Launched in early 2011.

Contact: Jonas Löwgren, Malmö University; Markus Wiklander, Emues Group

Keywords: media structure transformation, music industry, crowdfunding, events, concerts

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Project description
As the collaborative media become mainstream, people expect to be able to participate more actively in the production of concerts and other music events. Emues Group and Medea are developing an online platform where artists, fans and venues negotiate concert arrangements on a more equal basis.

After registering on the site, artists and venues can specify available dates, costs and other needs to make a concert happen. Fans create profiles to say which artists, genres and venues they like. They can suggest concerts with favorite artists, at which point the system computes a viable concert date and a ticket price. Suggested concerts are presented to all users with matching profiles, and they can buy tickets in advance to help making the suggested concert a reality. When the number of sold tickets reaches the minimum level for the concert to happen, it is accepted by artist and venue and Emues distributes the tickets.

From a media structure point of view, there is an interesting challenge in Emues to design a platform and a communication structure that empowers the fans while still accommodating the needs of bands and artists, booking agents, venues and other established music-industry stakeholders. Our approach is to provide added value to all key actors. Venues use Emues concerts to fill slots in their concert programme in between the major attractions at no financial risk (since the tickets to an Emues concert are prepaid). Up-and-coming acts will get a chance to mobilize fans through Emues and other social media in order to play at attractive venues. And fans, finally, get the means to pull together and make a concert happen in their hometown with their favorite artists.