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MEDEA has spawned its first start-up

MEDEA has spawned its first start-up! A group of interaction designers is starting the company PILO that will focus on developing smarter location based services.

Update: the name of the company is now Ixagon, not PILO.

Axel Jacobson, David Christensson, Ivar Boson, Joacim Löwgren and Jonas Stenberg are former interaction design students at the bachelor programme at K3, and all spring they have been working in the MEDEA studio. This summer they are developing for the Swedish Pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai. The purpose is to market the region of Skåne by inviting Expo visitors to interact with images and videos from the region. The visitor can control a projected image with his or her body movements, and this is made possible by using a motion tracking camera, cubes and some clever interaction design. The job is made in collaboration with Superlativo, a Malmö based communications agency.

Later this fall, the PILO guys will focus on what they started developing for their bachelor thesis. They have been awarded 200.000 SEK from the innovation centre Mobile Heights whom are part of the MEDEA network. The smartphone application PILO is a so called location based service that addresses issues of relevancy and data filtering. The assumption is that people are more willing to receive location based information if it is filtered by a set of rules, thus made more relevant to the user. Read more about PILO.

PILO has been developed in the MEDEA studio, a place shared between Malmö University researchers, students and external co-production partners. Jonas Stenberg and Joacim Löwgren have this to say:

– It’s a good place to work at. It’s inspiring to be here since things are happening all the time, and there are smart people with whom you can discuss. It’s a good idea to mix researchers and people who make more practical stuff!

In August they will pitch PILO and the Shanghai gig to venture capitalists.

– We know design, not business. But we have to learn!

Update 29 July 2010 – PILO was covered on Canvas8, a premium research service that gathers knowledge on the topics of technology, consumer behavior and trends. The article, PILO: location, filters and relevance, is available only to premium members.

If you want to find out more about PILO, contact joacim.lowgren (at) or jonas.d.stenberg (at)