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Do-tank: Urblove

Quick Pitch: Urblove is a service that in an innovative way combines urban exploring and games, with user-created content. It is both a service for location based mobile games mainly in urban areas, as well as an online community where these games are distributed. On the web community users can create their own games and share their experiences with each other.

Presentation (eng)
Karin Ryding and Bobbi Augustine Sand, Ozma Speldesign, give a brief introduction to the project. “Urblove is games that takes place in the real world. It combines urban exploring, storytelling and games. We want everyone to be able to play but also to make their own games.”

Interview (swe)
Karin Ryding, Ozma Game Design, talks about the value of co-production and who has been involved in this project.

Co-production partners: Ozma Game Design, WIP, Malmö University, MEDEA together with two youth organizations RGRA and Tösabidarna in Malmö.

Contact: Karin Ryding, Ozma Game Design.

Links: Urblove project description

This project is one out of the seven do-tanks that were introduced to the public on the 3rd of June 2010. Here’s a complete list of MEDEA’s Do-Tanks 2010.

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