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Do-tank: Din natur?

Quick Pitch: Din natur? (Your Nature?) is an interactive exhibition that opens in 2011 at Malmö Muséer. The exhibition partners have developed a tool for dialogue called Natursynsprofilen (literally “view of nature-profile”). The user is faced with questions, choices and statements and is given a profile that is available both on-site and online. The profile is based on the choices the user has made and its purpose is to challenge and provoke the user’s concepts of what is “natural”.

Presentation (eng)
Torvald Jacobson gives a brief introduction to the project: “It’s not only an exhibition about sustainability challenges. It’s also an exhibition about human relations to nature throughout history. As a visitor, you can interact with the exhibition and it will respond and change depending on your answers”.

Interview (swe)
Maja D Manner, Damanco AB, talks about the values of co-production and who has been involved in this project.

Co-production partners: Malmö Museer, Awnic Interaction Design, Damanco AB, aMuze Interactive AB, Malmö högskola.

Contact: Maja D Manner, Damanco AB.

This project is one out of the seven do-tanks that were introduced to the public on the 3rd of June 2010. Here’s a complete list of MEDEA’s Do-Tanks 2010.