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Urblove – Girl skaters Tösabidarna played mobile phone skateboard games

On Friday 14/5 the girl skater group Tösabidarna invited players to play games, previously created by themselves in workshops in co-operation with the Urblove project. The game was part of their annual Spring jam, and six teams competed in three different games.


The Urblove project takes concrete urban places as its starting point for developing and playing games. The project works with participatory processes where youths take on the role of co-designers, addressing the theme of urban exploring. Using a sms-engine, complemented with a web platform, different youth groups produces “routes” for playing, and develop narratives that take players through local neighbourhoods. The games played this weekend addressed how the city of Malmö might be seen as a set of spots for skateboarding. Different narratives had been developed, which led the teams through the city, in routes connected by spots for skateboarding.

The project is a co-operation between Ozma, Medea, Sport Sciences and WIP. Project members are Per Linde, Per-Anders Hillgren, Karin Ryding, Bobbi Augustine Sand and Karin Book.

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