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new maps of time

Inom ramen för vårt Living Lab – Fabriken kör vi en heldagsworkshop med John Grzinich måndagen den 10 maj. Workshopen har utvecklats i samarbete med Stapelbäddsparken och Full Pull. Ljudkonstnärer John Grzinichs workshops kretsar alla kring att lyssna på sin omgivning och skapa/komponera ljud med vad som finns till hands. Ofta i form av samarbete som har karaktären av spontana och improviserade happenings. Workshopen startar kl.10.00 och håller på till 17.00  och vi ordnar lunch och fika.Det kostar inget att delta, men vi vill gärna att du anmäler dig till oss. Först till kvarn!

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Här finns lite mer info om  John Grzinich:


b. 1970 new york state, lives and works in estonia

+ sound-video artist
+ photographer
+ project coordinator

I’ve worked primarily with sound and video since the early 1990s and performed and worked on projects extensively throughout Europe and the US. In recent years I have also concentrated on giving workshops on various aspects of sound that combine; social communication, performance, mapping, recording and editing. A number of CDs of my compositions have been published on such labels as SIRR (PT), Staalplaat (NL), Edition Sonoro (UK), Mystery Sea (BE) CUT (CH), CMR (NZ), erewhon (BE), Intransitive Recordings (US), Orogenetics (US), Elevator Bath (US), Pale-Disc (JP), Digital Narcis (JP) Taalem (FR), and Cloud of Statics(CH). Currently I am a project coordinator for MoKS – Center for Art and Social Practice , an artist-run international residency center and project space in southeast Estonia.

My varied artistic approaches to sound generation, recording and production work with techniques that range from the construction of original instrument devices and the capture of acoustic phenomenon through environmental field recordings to digital multi-tracking and manipulation. The resulting compositions are often studies in extended evolutionary permutations of a selected set of sound sources. These sources can concentrate on different properties of sound instigation and emanation that can range from the textural animation of inanimate objects or an open-air mechanical noise field to overtone resonances from a set of wires stretched across a room.

Areas of interest: phonography, soundscape research, acoustic architecture, sound mapping, found objects, sound and performance, itinerant sound actions, processing and composing acoustic sounds, abandoned spaces, site-specific sound installations, collaborative sound actions, environmental sounds, extended tonal and atonal drones.

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