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Media Places och Kvarterslabbet: Urblove workshop – creating games

On Sunday 25/4 the third Urblove workshop was held on Bryggeriet. Participants were six members of the girl skate group Tösabidarna and four researchers. The goal was to create new games for the platform. This time three new games were created, which stayed within the theme of the city as skateboard terrain. Places had been chosen at beforehand by the girls, which meant that more focus could be put on making a coherent narrative of the routes.


The goal of the project is to develop a platform for mobile games as well as a number of specific game examples. Urblove takes concrete urban places as its starting point for developing and playing games. The project works with participatory processes where youths take on the role of co-designers. Using an sms-engine, complemented with a web platform, different youth groups produces “routes” for playing, and develop narratives that take players through local neighbourhoods. The story is presented in fragments sent to the players via SMS. Each message contains a part of the story and a puzzle to be solved in order to obtain the next part of the story.

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