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Granny´s: collaborative screenwriting

About a week ago, Tangram Film and Living Lab The Stage embarked on a new journey. Granny’s Dancing on the Table is a new movie from the creators of Nasty Old People, but this time the users will have a much greater role to play. The first step in this process is to engage the users in the writing of the script. It’s only six days ago that the director, Hanna Sköld, started asking the fans (i.e. people that signed up as “fans” on this film’s Facebook fanpage) to contribute with their own ideas on three given themes: social codes, transvestism/cross-dressing and earthquakes. The response has been profound. The users have contributed with more and longer stories than anyone could ever have anticipated. The stories are at times very personal and touching. You can browse through the comments here.

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For more information on this project, see this post

Image credit: Thiago Fonseca CC:BY-NC-SA